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Perhaps you need to replace the cracked and worn-out tile surfaces in your home but you’re not sure how to start. Or maybe you’re planning a metal replacement project and are looking for experts who can assist you. Either way, Quality Equals Quantity should be your first port of call! We’re a team of professional welders, fabricators, painters, and more, and we can assist you with various home improvement projects. Book an appointment with us now!

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What We Offer

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Brighten up your living room and other areas with a fresh coat of paint! Our experts will help you choose paint finishes and colors that are ideal for your space, and they’ll handle the interior painting process from start to end.

Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

When properly applied, paint can protect your property exterior from weather damage and give your house’s curb appeal a huge boost. If you’re ready to update your home’s exterior paint, don’t hesitate to give our trusted team a call.

Tile Installation

Tile Installation

It’s easy to replace cracked or missing tiles but, if your tile surfaces have extensive damage, it might be time to do a full replacement. We can take care of the tile installation process on your behalf and deliver excellent results.

Fence Installation

Fence Installation

Having a sturdy and dependable fence is key to making your property more impenetrable and discouraging burglars from targeting your home. Create the ideal fence for your property today with the help of our fence installation experts!

Welding Service

Welding Service

We have experienced, fully trained, and dependable welders in our team and, with their expertise, they can help you with any welding task and make it a success. Learn more about our professional welding solutions by calling us today.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

We work on all types of custom metal fabrication projects, and we use quality materials and advanced tools to bring your ideas to life and create durable and attractive metal elements for your property. Contact our trusted fabricators now!

Why Hiring Home Improvement Experts Is a Must

Some property improvement projects are easy enough to DIY. However, if you’d like to make some major changes to your home, or if you don’t have much experience with the project and aren’t sure where to start, it’s best to call an expert. By getting the help of a welder, metal fabricator, or property painter, you know that your project will be in great hands and that you can expect to see the best possible results. You’ll also save plenty of time since your contractor will take care of each aspect of the project.

How We Deliver Our Home Improvement Solutions

At Quality Equals Quantity, we source top-of-the-line paint, tiles, and other materials from trusted suppliers, and we check their quality before using them to make sure that they meet our standards. By taking this step, we can create exceptional results for our customers and exceed their expectations. Our team also uses advanced methods to complete home improvement projects according to industry standards, and we rely on specialized tools to finish our tasks within the ideal time frame and without compromising on quality.

The Areas That We Serve

Our company is based in Newark, NJ, but we don’t just focus on helping local customers with their home improvement projects. We also offer our architectural metal fabrication services and other professional solutions to homeowners in these areas:

  • South Orange Village Township, NJ
  • North Arlington Borough, NJ
  • Roselle Park Borough, NJ
  • Nutley Township, NJ
  • Lyndhurst Township, NJ

Quality Equals Quantity is the right company to approach if you’re looking for sheet metal fabrication services and other top-tier solutions in Newark, NJ. Contact our team now!

Quality Equals Quantity

Newark, NJ 07106

(973) 929-7915

Services List

  • Interior Painting
  • Exterior Painting
  • Tile Installation
  • Fence Installation
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding Service

Client Testimonials

by Edwin Oscar on Quality Equals Quantity
Highly Recommended!

I needed help with a sheet metal fabrication project and they came to the rescue. They finished everything on time and turned my fabrication ideas into reality. Anyone who's looking for professional metal fabricators should definitely call this company.

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